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Moto Vehicles


Owners of Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha motorcycles always respond with great respect to this technique. Motorcycles of Japanese brands are reliable, comfortable and technologically advanced. In addition, Japanese motorcycles are really beautiful and ergonomic.

Do you want to buy a motorcycle from Japan?

There are several options for achieving this, depending on your specific needs.

The best choice for racing and fast driving is the sport bike.

For extreme and off-road driving - cross motorcycle.

For leisurely driving – cruiser is the best option. This transport is suitable for those who prefer to get to work by personal transport or for those people who have to travel extensively throughout the city. This model is ideal for those who do not like frequent road traffic congestion, for persons who like to travel very far, for persons who like long romantic walks, and for high-class comfort lovers.

According to statistics, motorcycles are most often bought in Japan. Most buyers are self-confident men, who like classic, freedom and independence. Japanese motorcycle is a sign of the owner's style.

The technical characteristics of choppers are lower than characteristics of sportbikes and motorcycle crosses. Choppers is designed for an even and steady driving on a perfectly smooth roadway. Comfort, low driver's position and high steering position are the main advantages of motorcycle choppers.

Japanese cruisers (choppers) are very popular in Russia and in the world. Low price and a large number of models are the competitive advantage of Japanese choppers over other choppers (similar years of manufacture).

Mopeds, scooters:

Who and why?

There are three main reasons to buy these models.

The first reason is an urban traffic congestion. You are tired of traffic jams?

Scooter is a good and economical car replacement. Fast transport and fuel economy are the main advantages of a scooter. Parking for this mobile transport is not a problem!

The second reason is a quick delivery. Motorcycle is the best transport for delivery within city limits. This is probably the only option for large urban centres.

The third reason is the consumer convenience. A motorcycle for young people is a good and fashionable alternative to a car. The motorcycle is suitable for rural residents. Long distances to shops is not a problem for a good motorcycle. The motorcycle is convenient transport for men and women.

How to buy a motorcycle?

The best way to buy a motorcycle is Japanese auction. First, you save money. Second, you can be sure in high-quality of any purchase. Japanese quality and assessment of vehicle condition by Japanese experts had gained worldwide recognition.

We offer you access to review and select lots directly from auction in Japan: technical characteristics, external damage, repair history and expert evaluation of the state of any motorcycle. As more damage accumulates, the possibility of price reduction increases.

Auction sheet confirms the condition of the motorcycle.

There is a section for the sale of motorcycles (and for cars too) on our website. Here you can find motorcycle sales statistics. Full access upon registration.

After you select the particular model of motorcycle, we will calculate the total cost, including customs duties, delivery and storage. The procedure for buying of motorcycle is easy, simple and laconic (and for cars too). The purchase conditions are the same as for cars, but the deposit amount is less than the minimum deposit for any car. The amount of the deposit differs from one motorcycles to another, but is usually in the region of 500$ (for motorcycles priced up to 300,000¥).

Option for bulk purchase (into container):

Our partners-suppliers in Japan always have a large selection of Moto Vehicles at a fixed price. The choice is available only on request, since the catalog is constantly updated (not online, but 100% reliable). Plus, there's also an added benefit: you are not worried about the result of bidding. In addition, you save your personal time. This offer is available only for bulk purchase (container).



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