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Special Equipment

Many building and resource-based companies buy powerful special equipment in Japan. The Japanese special equipment after thorough preparation is highly reliable and provides a high quality of using. Good condition of Japanese equipment is a big plus for companies that do not have a personal repair base. Distinctive features of Japanese special equipment are high performance, efficiency, economy and usability (for operators). In Japan you can buy used equipment in the good condition. The prices of used equipment are lower than prices for new products (by comparison 30-40 percent less).

Interesting fact: Japanese companies purchase special equipment (mainly new equipment) for the construction of specific objects. After the construction of these objects, this used special equipment will be sold at auctions or others marketplaces.

Used Japanese excavators

The most famous Japanese excavator manufacturers are Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Furukawa, Ishikawajima, Kubota, Kato, Sumitomo, etc. Now the assortment of these companies includes many models, among that are presented mini-excavators (bucket capacity 0,004 m3, weight 185 kg) and large excavators (bucket capacity 15 m3, weight 330.000 kg). Modern excavators are very technological machines with many useful functions. In short, a new and specialized excavator has the following advantages: removing buildings, cutting metal, loading metal, sorting gravel, drilling hole, crushing stones, etc.

Crane truck

A good truck crane is an indispensable technique for any construction company. Japanese truck cranes can be used for the construction of any building. A lifting height of truck cranes Tadano, Kobelco, Sumitomo, Kato, Hitachi, Komatsu and Unic is up to 200 meters. A carrying capacity of Japanese truck crane is from 3 tons to 1300 tons. Types of truck cranes can vary depending on their tasks, for example: rough terrain crane, crawler crane, all terrain crane. Japanese cranes have established themselves as reliable equipment even in the most severe conditions (including working conditions at low temperatures for many years). On-board computers of this technique are able to automatically diagnose all systems and identify problems of working process. In addition, the truck crane computer is able to determine the mass of the load with an accuracy of 1 kg and to suggest the optimum operating mode of the truck crane.

Compressors and used construction equipment from Japan

Japanese companies Airman and Denyo produce standard compressors with a capacity of 1.4 m3/min ([DPS-50SSB: 1220*685*755 mm; 310 kg), Fdps-1850SSB: 5980*2300*2400 mm; 10300 kg]). A big plus of Japanese compressors is fuel economy. For example, the popular model Airman 1 95S consumes only 5 liters of diesel fuel per hour (productivity of 3.5 m3/min, subject to the operation of two jackhammers). It is possible to work with similar compressors indoors!

In addition, some companies produce:

  • paving machines (paver finishers, asphalt finishers);
  • bulldozers;
  • road rollers;
  • road graders;
  • concrete pumps;
  • crushing machines;
  • dump trucks (known also as a dumper trucks or tipper trucks);
  • drilling rigs;
  • concrete mixers (cement mixers);
  • tractor units (prime mover, tractor, semi-truck, semi-tractor, rig);
  • thermoses;
  • refrigerator trucks;
  • tank trucks;
  • fuel trucks.

How to buy japanese special equipment

The most important point in the purchase of special equipment is the purpose of the acquisition.

The first way is buying of used equipment in bad condition. This technique has obvious or hidden defects. Using of this equipment is prohibited (due to much damage). After arriving at the customer such special equipment will be cosmetically repaired, and then will be sold at any marketplaces. This method is suitable for companies with limited resources.

The second way is suitable for those who want to buy high-quality special equipment from 1993-2010 release. Similar Japanese special equipment is acquired at auctions or through companies such as Komatsu, Kato, Kobelco and Hitachi. Auction price (bet) is going up gradually (non-fixed). The prices of buying through companies as Komatsu, Kato, Kobelco and Hitachi are mostly based on supply and demand on the market. When you purchase special equipment from Japan, please, pay attention to the auction sheet. Auction sheet confirms the condition of the special equipment.

The auction grade is the overall rating of the condition of the equipment. “S” means brand new, “R” is for repaired and “XX” stands for damaged equipment. Also, the equipment is graded by numeric figures. As a rule of thumb, the lower the figure is, the lower the quality of the equipment is. Below is a guide on the grading system: “S” - brand new, “5” - as good as new, “4.5” - very slightly used, “4” - used with the slightest blemishes, “3.5” - good condition with visible blemishes, “3” - average condition with light damage, “1-2” - poor condition, “O, R or RA” - repaired or heavily modified vehicles.

By customer wish we can we can do pre-sale preparation and replace worn-out elements of equipment.

After such preparation, the condition of the used equipment will be similar to the state of the new equipment.

The third way is suitable for those who want to buy a “new” equipment. In this case, we recommend buying used equipment 2015-2018 release (in good condition). In this case, you can save 30-40 percent of your money (compared to buying a brand new equipment).

Buying on auctions you have to make a deposit before the bargain starts. But If you buy a car with a fixed price you have to pay 100% deposit.