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From Japan Car Auctions

Thank you very much for interest in Japanese Car Auctions and checking this page. Unlike other companies, we do not request for a deposit upfront, it is important for us to get to know you and your requirements first. Whether you are experienced importer or first time buyer, we will teach and help you. Learn the best ways to select cars and import them at the lowest prices.

With your free registration and personal access, you can check our complete services and vehicles offered. For dealers we have special buying and shipment terms, please contact us for more details. We also welcome private buyers to experience our services.


1. REGISTER: With your account activated, we will make sure to contact you and find your exact requirements and preferences.

2. READ: If you agree with our Business terms, only then we will request you to place refundable deposit.

From the start, we will guide you with our advice, detailed condition reports, and translations throughout the bidding process.

3. BID: For the successful bids, we will send an invoice with complete vehicles details, payment instructions and due date. To confirm your payment earlier, please send transfer copy by email or fax.

4. SEND CONSIGNEE DETAILS: Please provide your correct consignee and notify party information for the customs procedures. We will inform you the ETD (Estimated time of Departure) and ETA (Estimated time of Arrival) after the schedule is confirmed.

5. RECEIVE: After the vessel departs, within few days we will send all set of documents by express mail service. Once you receive all the documents please contact your clearing agent for customs clearance.


Honest and straightforward business is how we conduct our export business. To avoid any misunderstandings please read carefully.

This is sales contract between JDMCARS.JP (hereafter “The Exporter”) based in Toyama City Japan and private or business buyer (hereafter “The Importer”). The Importer has no right to alter these Terms. By agreeing with indicated conditions the Importer is accepts the Sales Terms.

1. Based on the terms, a private or business buyer is accepted as a Customer, by submitting his sales contract application form and placing a deposit. The Exporters reserves the right to reject the application form if Importer breaches any part of the agreement.

2. According to Japanese Law of Privacy information the information provided by the Importer is strictly protected and under no circumstances given to the third party. In turn, it Importer’s obligation to provide all the necessary information for the business transaction in a timely manner to avoid any loss or extra charges.

3. The deposit is requested from the Importer to confirm his intention to buy and pay for the vehicle, once it is won. The Exporter will not accept any test-bids from the Importer, unless the deposit is transferred.

The standard amount for the deposit is 100,000 Japanese Yen or 1,000 US $ should be placed either by Bank transfer or PayPal payment services. For the auction price exceeding 1.000,000 JPY, the Exporter will request to pay higher deposit to secure the transaction. If Importer was not successful in multiple bids and would like to get a refund the Exporter returns the deposit either by Bank Transfer or Paypal.

JAPANESE ONLINE AUCTION SYSTEM - It is Exporters responsibility that the customer has a constant access to the auction system and it is operational. At the same time, it is Importers responsibility to ensure that his Log IN ID and password are kept secure and not shared to the third party. If this term is breached, then it would be considered as breach of the terms and deposit will not be refunded. The Importer can use only our Company auction system to place bids for his selected vehicles. The bids received via email or phone will not be accepted.


INVOICE – Once the selected vehicle by Imported been purchased, the Exporter issues an invoice based on agreed terms. The invoice includes, purchase date, vehicle specification and chassis number. The payment must be done by Importer within indicated deadline and indicated currency stated in the Invoice Payment instruction. The payment must be done to the indicated Bank or Paypal account. All the transaction fees must be paid by the Importer at the time of Payment application. The payments received with transaction fees unpaid will be considered as insufficient to complete the booking and shipment procedures, the Importer must cover the missing amount.

AUCTION DATA – The Japanese Online Auto Auction sales data, images and auction sheet are displayed as they are. The Exporter is responsible to provide on-time, exact and detailed translation. The condition report in Japanese is provided solely by independent auction inspectors. The Auction grading and auction sheet report are provided here for your reference. The translations terms will be provided based on the commonly used vehicle terms. After the translation is provided, it is Importers responsibility to confirm or cancel the bid.

BIDDING PROCESS at Japanese Car Auctions

All bids should be submitted on time, before 10:00 AM Japanese Time to make sure that that the translation and confirmation will be received on time by Importer. The Exporter does not take any responsibility if the bids are not accepted after specified time. Due to the nature of Live Auto Auctions, the Exporter reserves the right to over bid over the maximum bid that Importer provide. The bid amount refers to the buying auction price only, all other fees (FOB, C&F and CIF) will be negotiated in advance.

ALL JAPAN DEALER STOCK – Importers selects the car that he found on our All japan dealer stock and it is Exporters responsibility to find out the condition and final price for the vehicle. The dealer stock does not have any inspection report, since all cars have been already prepared for the local sales, with or without compulsory Japanese Inspection (Shaken). Based on the location additional transportation fees will apply.

AFTER THE AUCTIONS – The Exporter delivers the purchased cars to the closest port or container vanning yard. During this time the Exporter takes full responsibility for secure storage of the vehicles. The documentation on average takes 7 business days to receive and process. The Importer is responsible to provide correct and detailed Consignee details for the BL.  Once the vessel departs, the BLs will be delivered to our office and immediately sent by express mail courier to the Importer. If the Importer decide to make any corrections on the BL 5,000 JPY will be charged per each BL.

SHIPMENT – It is Exporters responsibility to organize the earliest shipment possible, upon request there might be later shipment or storage of vehicles, agreed in advance. The Exporter does not take any responsibility on local Import regulations, clearance fees and taxes, it is in Importers best interest to confirm them prior to bidding and placing an order for the car.

For container shipment, in addition to commission, FOB fees and additionally vanning fees, THC, container delivery and other fees If the vehicle is none-standard or undrivable, then additional fees will apply during the transportation and container loading.

For special group of countries, it is Exporters responsibility to organize the required pre-shipment inspections such as JEVIC, EAA, JAAI if requested by the customers. The Japanese weekdays- refers to business days from Monday till Friday, excluding National Holidays.