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Japanese diapers

Japanese products for children are famous for their high quality and relevance.

Japanese diapers are one of the most popular and sought-after Japanese baby products all over the world. Many mothers opt for Japanese diapers for babies (newborns including) when choosing between different manufacturers. The most popular brands are Merries, Moony, Mamy Poko and Nepia.

An important plus of Japanese companies, in addition to high quality, is innovative technologies. For example, many Japanese diapers have a special inner absorbent layer that allows them to convert moisture to gel - delicate baby's skin always remains dry. Another great feature of Japanese diapers is its good breathability. Breathability is an incredibly important feature to keep the skin of your baby happy. It can drastically reduce the incidence of diaper rash and keep the skin of your baby feeling fresher. Most baby diapers in Japan are highly breathable. In addition, some diapers (for example, Merries) have the inner soft wavy layer contains an extract of the plant Hamamelis, which protects the skin from irritation and inflammation.

However, not only Merries have characteristic features. A feature of the Muni diapers is a belly button cutout and a wetness indicator.

A wide range of sizes is another plus of Japanese diapers: from XXS, for the smallest of the family. Japanese diapers best care for skin. Leg cuffs are gentle and hypoallergenic to help maintain healthy-looking skin. In addition, leg cuffs have a special leak barrier to stop moisture from spilling from the diaper. Strips of japanese diapers provide a secure fit.

Good news if you like to buy wholesale! Japanese diapers of various companies, be it Merries, Moony, Nepia or Mamy Poko or any other company, you can order wholesale from JDM Co. Ltd!

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