Yahoo Japan online shops


Yahoo Japan Auctions – Is the online market platform for the selling and buying new and used goods in Japan. Being the biggest platform, it offers the widest range of productions at the lowest price. Over 5 million items are traded everyday by private and business participants.

What our company offers is the direct access to the biggest online market for items that are not available outside of Japan. Our system is built in English language to make sure that customers can find exactly what they are looking for. Moreover, key feature is that you can control the complete process by setting your own price and monitoring the bidding process live. Based on the item type and size we will organize the fastest and cheapest possible delivery till your doorstep.

Some of customers also prefer to buy car related items in bulk; in that case we can organize a container and make the best combination of vehicle/parts/items.

How to use Yahoo Japan Online Auctions


First, with a simple one-time registration you will receive your personal ID and log in, which will take about a minute to complete.

Setting Up your Balance Account

Depending on the budget you want to spend, please kindly place a deposit to your account.

There two ways to place a deposit to your personal Yahoo Auction account.

  1. PayPal – the fastest and safest way to make a transfer.
  2. Ordinary Bank Transfer- Please fill your contact details in the contact form with indicated amount and will send you an invoice to your email.


Once you found an item that you want to purchase you can start bidding on it. The amount needed to start bidding will be automatically withdrawn from your account.

Bid result (successful and unsuccessful)

If your bid was successful our managers will contact the seller and provide all the details for our warehouse delivery and complete the payment procedures. Once the items are delivered to our warehouse, it will be checked and measured for the dimensions and weight. Based on the actual measurements, we will provide you with the final total price of delivery to your home country after you select the type of international shipment. The additional fees for all local and international charges will be deducted from your account. Upon your request, the items might be photographed before dispatch.

In the case your bid was unsuccessful, the amount that was reserved will be unblocked in 5 minutes, so that you can keep bidding for other items and bid.