Used Car Import from Japan- Regulations

Please click on the map to find your country’s regulations on used car import from Japan. This is a reference interactive map only, for the main regulations such as: main delivery ports, age restriction, steering wheel location and link to government offices.

As Japanese used car exporter, we provide  information on foreign country’s’ duties, customs clearance and registration fees to the best of our knowledge. Please make sure to confirm all clearance and registration procedures prior to ordering your vehicle. In case your country is missing from the list, please kindly contact us for further clarifications. For selected countries there is a additional information on car importing laws found here. When searching Japan used car auctions, you can easily confirm the vehicle specifications from auction sheets. 

Note: We try to keep Japan car import regulation information up to date. However, all data is subject to changes and does not represent complete information.  For general questions on used car import from Japan please check FAQ page.


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